hdd for Data recovery

all is test ok by mhdd

DT01ACA100-959T6SANS hdd for data recovery,pcbnumber:0a90377 sale out

DT01ACA100 drive rev AAA AA10/750 SN:959T6SANS wk7 pcbnumber:0a90377all is test ok..

$27.16 Ex Tax: $27.16

dt01aca300 sn:y39atvggs-tz6 drive rev aaa aa00/bb0 nov-2013 hdd for data recovery

dt01aca300 sn:y39atvggs-tz6  drive rev aaa aa00/bb0 nov-2013..

$32.99 Ex Tax: $32.99

firecuda 1tb st1000lm015 sn:wes3vr7a fw:sdm1 for data recovery

st1000lm015 sn:wes3vr7a fw:sdm1..

$43.67 Ex Tax: $43.67

hd400ld-soaxj1llco4305 pcbnumber:bf41-00106a for data recovery


$18.80 Ex Tax: $18.80

mobile hdd 2tb st2000lm007 sn:wcc2p9bt fw:sdm1 site:wu pcbnumber:100781943 for data recovery

st2000lm007 sn:wcc2p9bt fw:sdm1 site:wu  part number:1r8174-030dom:12oct2016..

$65.95 Ex Tax: $65.95

mobile hdd smr 1tb st1000lm035 sn:wbz1gcd fw:sbm3 pcbnumber:10089471 for data recovery

 st1000lm035 sn:wbz1gcd fw:sbm3 part number:1rk172-568site:wudom:07feb2018..

$45.47 Ex Tax: $45.47

mobile hdd smr 1tb st1000lm035 sn:wes2v3pt fw:lnm5 pcbnumber:100781943 for data recovery

 st1000lm035 sn:wes2v3pt fw:lnm5dom:18nov2016part numbe:1rk172-171 pcbnumber:100781943..

$43.03 Ex Tax: $43.03

mq02abd100h sn:46mut496t gzd hdkgb35d0a02 drive rev aad aa00/hef01d hdd for data recovery

mq02abd100h sn:46mut496t  gzd hdkgb35d0a02 drive rev aad aa00/hef01d..

$41.87 Ex Tax: $41.87

MQ04ABF100-673CT00FT hdd for data recovery pcb number:g4311a

moden:mq04abf100 drive rev aad aaz1/ju000d fw:ju000d sn:673ct00ft 66f hdkcb88d0a91 t allpcb numb..

$41.39 Ex Tax: $41.39

MQ04ABF100-98BLW5YQT hdd for data recovery

disk drive:MQ04ABF100drive rev:AAH AA21/JU004CSN:98BLW5YQT c4g hdkcb88h2a01 tfw rev:ju004ctest ok..

$49.52 Ex Tax: $49.52

st1000lm035 sn:wde74ach site:wu dom:11feb2017 fw:lvm1 part numet:1ak172-070 for data recovery

st1000lm035 sn:wde74ach site:wu dom:11feb2017 fw:lvm1 part numet:1ak172-070..

$41.22 Ex Tax: $41.22

ST1000LM035 SN:WL15GL4 hdd for data recovery ddm:13apa2018 fw:sdm2

ST1000LM035 SN:WL15GL4 ddm:13apa2018 fw:sdm2..

$45.10 Ex Tax: $45.10

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